PRECIMASK 1920p Poster Real technological breakthrough // AVAILABILITY OCTOBER 2020 PRECIMASK - Logo Registered The only durable mask
cleanable without waste &
no purchase of consumable
PRECIMASK - Logo Registered

Real technological breakthrough.

the only durable mask, cleanable without waste and no purchase of consumable.
availability october 2020 !

100% transparent

100% Transparent mask in front of the mouth to see facial expressions, ideal in particular for deaf and hard of hearing people by maintaining social ties. Thanks to its silicone design, PRECIMASK® is a comfortable and anti-fog mask with an optimized sound allowing great breathability and a removable visor for complete protective power.

Filtration Céramique Unique

Unique and patented filtration system

Unique, durable and patented ceramic particle filtration system. No more filter changes required because the ceramic filter cartridges can be cleaned. Thanks to its neutral character, ceramic is a material that is harmless to humans and the environment, and biocompatible. PRECIMASK® is a upgradeable mask by changing the filter cartridges, which adapt to your filtration needs.

Filtration Céramique Unique

Sustainable and eco-responsible mask

The materials used for the design of PRECIMASK® have been specially selected for their amorphous characteristics (stable over time) capable of giving it an optimum durability. These materials are also very easy to clean, fully bio-compatible and zero waste since no additional consumables are required.

Inform me of its sale and the opening of pre-orders

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the complete press release

The PRACARTIS and HBP Groups are behind the creation of PRECIMASK®. The two industrialists have known each other for a long time and prove by this joint project that French industry, hard hit by the covid-19 crisis, knows how to bounce back and reinvent itself.

PRECIMASK is currently under development, its marketing for individuals and professionals is scheduled for October 2020.

Specialized in the proposal of global solutions for precision machining: manufacturer of cutting tools, manufacturer and distributor of electrospindles, testing and optimization of tool-material couple, prototype machining.

The family group is made up of 4 cutting tool companies, (HAM France , Carbilly, Precxis, Concept Diamant) 2 electrospindle and special machine construction companies (Precise France, Electrobroche Concept – SMG)

Over 50 years of experience, 160 employees, 30M € turnover

Established in Haute-Savoie and in Pas de Calais

From design to industrialization, HBP manages global and multi-technology projects in a wide variety of sectors such as fluidics, automotive, aeronautics, industry and luxury.

A family business since 1975, the HBP Group is made up of 3 companies: Bouverat-Pernat, Secam and Nanoceram. The latter is specialized in technological solutions based on industrial ceramics.

70 employees, 17 M € turnover.

Established in Haute-Savoie in MARNAZ.

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