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Discover here all the features and public technical data on PRECIMASK®
PRECIMASK® is an innovation designed and manufactured by French manufacturers.

Unique, durable and patented ceramic particle filtration system with a filtration level equivalent to a surgical mask (greater than 95% of 3 µm aerosols) and high breathability. No more filter changes to be expected, because the filter cartridges can be cleaned.

100% transparent mask in front of the mouth, with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment, in order to see facial expressions. Thanks to its biocompatible silicone design, PRECIMASK® is a comfortable mask and allows maximum sealing. It incorporates a removable visor for full protective power.

The materials used for the design of PRECIMASK® have been specially selected for their great stability over time, capable of giving it optimum durability. These materials are also very easy to clean, fully reusable and generate minimal waste as no additional consumables are required.


The “rigid” polycarbonate face mask

Silicone casing

Filter cartridges

The polycarbonate valve cap

The removable visor

The elastic silicone strap, resistant and comfortable

Stop Cordon for adjusting the strap

PRECIMASK - Dessin Technique
170,4mm x 112mm x 83,6mm
( W x H x D )
230gr with visor
173gr without visor
NF EN  14683 AC > 95% of 3 µm aerosols UNS1
Grade 1 Surgical Mask
Breathability required
Breathability Precimask® filter cartridge
Windowless mask Permeability > 96 l/s/m2 à 100 Pa (= 1 mbar) 380 l/s/m2 à 100 Pa
Windowed mask Permeability > 300 l/s/m2 à 100 Pa (= 1 mbar) 380 l/s/m2 à 100 Pa
Respiratory flow
Max pressure drop for class P3 filter
Precimask® average pressure drop with 2 filter cartridges
30 l/min 1.2 mbar (120 Pa) 0.6 mbar (60 Pa)
95 l/min 4.2 mbar (420 Pa) 2.8 mbar (280 Pa)

The main figures to remember!

Aerosol filtration >3μm

Greater than 95%

Breathability Precimask® filter cartridge

380 l/s/m2 at 100 Pa

Average pressure drop with 2 filter cartridges

0.6 mbar (60 Pa) for a respiratory flow rate of 30l/min
2.8 mbar (280 Pa) for a respiratory flow rate of 95l/min


  • Panoramic view of the mouth
  • Great breathability
  • Antifog
  • Removable visor
  • Glasses can be worn
  • Adjustable silicone strap
PRECIMASK - Visage masque


For the mask and filter cartridges, daily disinfection :
the cartridges placed in the oven at 90°C/200°F (th.3) for 10 minutes, the rest of the mask is cleaned with hot soapy water, or with a virucidal cleaning solution.

Once a month, simple regeneration of the filter cartridges :
soak them in boiling water for 30 minutes. Then dry in the oven at 150°C/300°F (th.5) for 30 minutes.

Summary of the IMT St-Etienne report

Summary of the October 2020 analysis report from the National School of Mines of St-Etienne • Engineering and Health Center • Department of Biomaterials and Inhaled Particles • UMR INSERM U1059
ANSES notice on virus thermal desactivation
ANSES opinion on the thermal desactivation of the SARS-COV-2 virus • ANSES opinion completed, referral n ° 2020-SA-0037
Filtering, protective and durable mask equipped with cleanable and reusable filters.
PRECIMASK - Airtight

Silicone mask, anti-fog and high breathability

PRECIMASK - Protective

Nose and mouth through the filters, eyes through the visor, effective for the wearer and his environment

PRECIMASK - Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally friendly

Materials stable over time for maximum durability generating little waste

PRECIMASK - Aesthetic

Totally transparent area in front of the mouth to maintain the social bond

PRECIMASK - Hygienic and easy to use
Hygienic & easy to use

Easily removable and cleanable filtration system

PRECIMASK - Flexible

removable visor, adjustable and replaceable strap

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