PRECIMASK® is a durable mask because all the elements that compose it are cleanable, thus generating a minimum of waste.
PRECIMASK - Entretien et Nettoyage Accueil
PRECIMASK® is a cleanable and durable mask over time.

the cleaning protocol is broken down into several types :

  • Type 1 for daily disinfection of the mask
  • Type 2 for the simple regeneration of the filter cartridges once a month
  • Type 3 for enhanced regeneration of the filter cartridges in case of clogging (cannot be regenerated with boiling water)

Regenerations (Type 2 & 3) allow the ceramic to be thoroughly cleaned.

PRECIMASK - Cartouches Filtrantes

First step

Unclip the filter cartridges by pushing them with your thumb towards the inside of the mask by small successive pressures (see example above).
// Reverse procedure to put them back in place \\

The different

Cleaning protocols

Daily disinfection

After each use, place the filter cartridges in your oven at 90°C/200°F (th.3) for 10 minutes.
The rest of the mask should be washed off with hot soapy water, or with a virucidal cleaning solution.

WARNING | Handle the filter cartridges with care when they come out of the oven so as not to burn yourself and wait for them to cool completely before putting them back on the mask.

Simple monthly regeneration
of filter cartridges

Once a month or after storage for more than 4 weeks, soak the PRECIMASK® filter cartridges in boiling water for 30 minutes. Then, dry in the oven at 150°C (th.5) for 30 minutes.

WARNING | Handle the filter cartridges with care when they come out of the oven so as not to burn yourself and wait for them to cool completely before putting them back on the mask.

Enhanced regeneration
of filter cartridges

This step is to be applied only to filter cartridges in case of clogging of ceramic filters by dust for example.

  • Soak them completely in 1 litre of a mixture of 3/4 water and 1/4 boiling white vinegar 8 ° for 30 minutes.
  • Drain the cartridges and then let them cool down.
  • Rinse them with clean water for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat a full Type 2 cleaning.

CO2 consumption

a single tree can absorb the equivalent of the carbon footprint of cleaning 900 masks annually
PRECIMASK - Empreinte Carbone

Cleaning protocols

The tutorials

Filtering, protective and durable mask equipped with cleanable and reusable filters.
PRECIMASK - Airtight

Silicone mask, anti-fog and high breathability

PRECIMASK - Protective

Nose and mouth through the filters, eyes through the visor, effective for the wearer and his environment

PRECIMASK - Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally friendly

Materials stable over time for maximum durability generating little waste

PRECIMASK - Aesthetic

Totally transparent area in front of the mouth to maintain the social bond

PRECIMASK - Hygienic and easy to use
Hygienic & easy to use

Easily removable and cleanable filtration system

PRECIMASK - Flexible

removable visor, adjustable and replaceable strap

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