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STOP purchasing moderately protective disposable or washable disposable masks and the recurring financing of consumables in your Company! Anticipate your next purchases and TEST PRECIMASK® ON VERY SPECIAL CONDITIONS!

PRECIMASK - Accès professionnels
The innovative French global solution of technological breakthrough PRECIMASK® without zero waste consumables.

The only durable barrier mask in the world, equipped with two-way protective filters with maximum airtightness, offering great wearing comfort with in particular unparalleled breathability and zero fogging on the glasses, and above all without consumable : ZERO WASTE usable “for life”. Designed, produced and assembled 100% Made in France, in Rhône-Alpes by a CONSORTIUM OF FRENCH INDUSTRIALS including the global giant SAINT-GOBAIN.

PRECIMASK - Masque protecteur durable zéro déchet - Solutions pour les profesionnels
After a start-up start, serial production is now launched and available for sale to professionals and companies.
Our customers tell us :
To try it is to adopt it !
Invest for your near future, those of your employees and for our planet !
Discover below all the assets by function in your business in terms of economics, image, protection, …
Purchasing Budget
• Investment quickly depreciable without any more consumables
• Reduction in transport costs (short circuit delivery)

Management time to focus on higher VA purchasing tasks for the Company.
More time to spend for :
• Find sources, mask purchasing solutions and availability
• Negotiate mask prices

Collection, treatment and recycling budget
• No consummable -> no expenses (zero waste)
• No waste by having to throw away expired stocks (shelf life of disposable masks)

Resources : No mobilization of resources to organize and monitor collection, treatment and recycling operations

Etre Be fully in line with the Company’s CSR policy (zero waste) + Reduction of the carbon impact of long-distance transport Guarantee of compliance with regulations with maximum safety and protection for Company staff
Management time allowing to devote to logistics tasks with higher added value for the Company
• More time to spend managing recurring mask supplies

On freeing up storage space once the masks have been distributed, no recurrence

Staff no longer need resources to distribute masks Reduced risk of contamination limiting work stoppages and absenteeism
• In general, Companies note that the wearing of a compulsory mask has reduced work stoppages due to seasonal transmissible viruses (influenza, gastro, etc.). Being able to bring out a reusable mask after the pandemic, at no additional cost, when cases of “traditional” viruses are identified in the Company, or during periods of pollen allergies, is a very interesting solution.
Offer masks to its staff that they will use within the Company’s regulatory framework but that they can also use in their daily lives
• Elimination of an additional budget for masks on a personal level -> net salary in addition for employees
Offer useful and eco-responsible rewards to your customers, distributors and partners who have successfully completed your goals or challenges
• In a personalized version with your logo, they will continue to convey the image of your Company, in their own Company but also in their daily life
Offer masks to its staff that they will use within the Company’s regulatory framework but which they can also use in their daily life, they will continue to convey the image of your Company outside the workplace Be fully in line with your ECO-RESPONSIBLE & SOCIETAL policy and make it known in your communication campaigns on these subjects (provide strong content on your social networks and other communication channels)
• Valorization of the use of a zero waste product (currently 130 billion masks are thrown monthly on the land and the oceans, without the means being provided for collection, treatment and recycling)
• Purchase valuation of 100% Made in France (support for local French manufacturers invested in innovation and job creation) -> you participate in industrial relocation
Offer useful and eco-responsible rewards to your customers, distributors and partners who have successfully completed your goals or challenges
• Allowing to boost your sales
Sale of masks in your Company’s colors on your website or other channel

Special offer test kit

To reassure you by limiting your risk, and to be ready for your future supplies, we offer you a TEST KIT under the exceptional conditions below
From a purchase of 20 masks
you can mix the models, size options, filter colors, …
*only in metropolitan France – outside metropolitan France we offer delivery at a metropolitan cost, the difference will be at your expense – on estimate
PRECIMASK - Zero Dechet Protecteur Durable
satisfied or refunded*
*3 weeks to test them and return them if necessary
118€ HT unit purchase price

93,84 € HT – 40% =
56,30 € HT / mask

or for a minimum of 20 masks

1126 € HT

instead of 1876,80€ HT

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    Find out why choosing PRECIMASK® means choosing a product with a very high level of protection and optimal durability !

    PRECIMASK - Carte France

    PRECIMASK SAS is propelled by a consortium of French industrialists who have been experts for many years in co-design, co-industrialization and production of cutting-edge industrial solutions with the big names in the aeronautical, automotive, medical sectors, etc. at the service today of the general public on this global solution !

    A network of reliable manufacturers offering all the guarantees of satisfaction, possessing numerous resources, technological and financial means, with which you will not have any surprises, both in terms of the quality of work, deliveries and after-sales service.

    Inventor & designer of the mask
    Designer & manufacturer of metal caps
    Designer & manufacturer of ceramic filters
    Manufacturer of silicone parts

    Everything that PRECIMASK® will allow you to do :

    PRECIMASK - Protecteur
    Provide maximum protection for your employees in optimal comfort of use
    PRECIMASK - Eco-Responsable
    Help limit your waste to curb an announced ecological disaster linked to non-forecasting and the inability to collect, treat & recycle disposable and washable masks polluting the earth and the oceans in France and around the world
    PRECIMASK - Flexible & Confortable
    Communicate by promoting your eco-responsible, civic, social & societal action : an excellent lever with strong values ​​to provide major and impactful content on your institutional communication channels
    PRECIMASK - Professionnel
    Offer it to your customers, distributors, partners, agencies : a striking gift with high thematic and useful value, in personalized mode in the colors of your Company
    PRECIMASK - Professionnel
    Sell ​​it with your image to your customers through your sales channels. Your image will continue to be conveyed in the targeted professional perimeter but also in the everyday life of each user who has received it
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