Exclusive design and panoramic view of the mouth


209,00  TTC*

PRECIMASK® PRO version, exclusive design and panoramic view of the mouth !
The only mask in the world without consumables, generating zero waste equipped with ceramic filter media and anodized aluminum cartridges, very high quality renewable materials.

promotionnal offer

For any purchase of a PRECIMASK® PRO, you have a PRECIMASK® AIR for FREE (without cartridges) !


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PRECIMASK® PRO Advantages :
  • AIRTIGHT : Silicone mask & great breathability
  • PROTECTIVE : Nose & mouth through the filters, eyes through the visor, effective for the wearer & his environment
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Materials stable over time for maximum durability generating little waste
  • STYLISH: Transparent area in front of the mouth to maintain the social bond
  • HYGIENIC & EASY TO USE : Filtration system easily removable & cleanable
  • FLEXIBLE : Removable visor, adjustable & replaceable strap

Included with your PRECIMASK® PRO : a removable visor, a set of 2 filter cartridges, an adjustable strap with "Stop Cordon" and a transport pouch. 

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 170 × 83 × 112 mm
Color of cartridges & strap

Colorless, Red, Blue, Golden yellow, Green, Amber

Size of the free PRECIMASK® Air

S – Small, M – Medium, L – Large


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