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PRECIMASK® protects the wearer and his environment: it is equipped with 2 filter capsules positioned on the cheeks, which clip onto the mask. These sealed capsules contain a ceramic material developed by St Gobain which filters the outside air on inhalation and exhalation.

Exhalation can be improved by opening exhalation valves located in front of the chin and directed downward. These valves are not equipped with filters and therefore the exhalation protection for the environment is reduced.
We recommend unblocking this valve outside.

PRECIMASK® has passed filtration tests to demonstrate its equivalence with the standards in force on surgical masks (EN 1827) and FFP (EN 143). The filtration level is equivalent to a surgical mask: filtration greater than 95% of 3µm aerosols. The mask is also airtight, unlike surgical masks, which further improves its level of protection. Development is underway to obtain the filtration level of an FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 mask.

The size of the pollens is generally between 7µm for the smallest and 150µm for the largest. The pollens will therefore be filtered through our capsules which retain more than 95% of particles larger than 3µm.

The daily cleaning of the filter capsules is done in the oven at 90°C (th.3) for 10 minutes. The rest of the mask should be washed off with hot soapy water, or with a virucidal cleaning solution.

Contraindications: do not expose to high heat, to a flame, to liquids other than those recommended.

No, once you have purchased your PRECIMASK®, there is no more consumable to buy. You can purchase new capsules if you need an additional set. They will be for sale on this website.

PRECIMASK® has been treated with an anti-fog treatment on the inside of the mask to prevent it from forming when you speak. If you wear glasses, no mist will form on your glasses because the mask is waterproof. However, fogging may form especially if you talk a lot or are in a cold environment. In this case, the heat released by your body will turn into mist or even condensation on contact with the mask, which is waterproof and therefore cannot evacuate it. We therefore recommend wiping the inside of the mask regularly.

No, the visor is provided with the purchase of your PRECIMASK®. You have the choice to clip it or not on the mask according to your use. It has received an anti-scratch treatment, just like the transparent face of the mask, to protect it.

How the mask works

The CE certification process is long and is done on the finished product. So, until the first masks are produced, we cannot initiate this process. However, we had tests carried out by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines in St-Etienne, France, Biomaterials and Inhaled Particles Department, which produced a report on the characterization of the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. The technical sheet will indicate all these data.

During containment, the DGA implemented an approval for tissue masks, disposable or washable, so that a large number of masks can be put on the market quickly. Our mask cannot pass the classic DGA tests because it is not made a cloth mask. In addition, since the end of June, the DGA no longer performs this type of test. That’s why we are looking to other organizations.

Certification and approuval

Considering the following data :

  • Electricity price France 2020 = 0.15 € / kWh
  • equivalence France, 1 kWh = 0.1kg CO2 (source: greenIT.fr)
  • equivalence Europe, 1kWh = 0.45kg CO2 (source: greenIT.fr)
  • Tree CO2 absorption 5 m3 = 5000kg / year CO2 (source: office national des forêts)

We have calculated that if you clean your filter cartridges every day (in the oven at 90 ° for 10 min) the annual cost of this cleaning is 5.1 €. For monthly cleaning (30min boiling – excluding the cost of water – and drying the cartridges in the oven), the annual cost is 3.2 € more. So cleaning your filter cartridges according to the indicated protocol costs you only 8.3 € per year.

This is also equivalent to a carbon footprint of 5.6Kg / year. This figure is compared to the 5000kg / year that a tree absorbs. In other words, a single tree can absorb the equivalent of the carbon footprint of cleaning 900 masks 😊

the PRECIMASK® complete in one size with its visor, a set of 2 cartridges, a transport pouch is priced at 195 € incl. tax (185 € excl. tax)

PRECIMASK® sales are currently only open online using this order form. An exceptional promo is offered to the first 3,000 orders registered.
All the information and conditions on the order form by clicking here.

PRECIMASK® is available now for individuals by downloading the dedicated order form and sending it back to us duly completed at vente@precimask.fr.

PRECIMASK® is available now for professionals by downloading the dedicated order form and sending it back to us duly completed at vente@precimask.fr.

Soon we will be working with distributors of PPE and medical supplies who will distribute the mask.

Price and order

Absolutely because the mask is waterproof, airtight and has no cloth part. Its use in the rain therefore allows you not to have the lower part of your face wet.

PRECIMASK ® is currently available in one adult size. We will initiate the development of child size in early 2021.

The silicone seal that allows the mask to stick to the face, is flexible enough to fit all face shapes. However, a beard can decrease the sealing of the mask. Tightening more firmly with the adjustable strap minimizes this loss.

The silicone seal that allows the mask to stick to the face, is flexible enough to fit all face shapes. In addition, the silicone fastening strap is adjustable and allows the mask to be adjusted to his face. The dimensions of the mask will be available on the website soon.

PRECIMASK® is a very technical product without perishable material or to replace. If you use and maintain it correctly, just like any other technical product, it will continue to perform the functions for which it was designed. It’s a bit like buying a ski goggles or a motorcycle helmet: if you take care of them, they are durable products.

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Filtering, protective and durable mask equipped with cleanable and reusable filters.
PRECIMASK - Airtight

Silicone mask, anti-fog and high breathability

PRECIMASK - Protective

Nose and mouth through the filters, eyes through the visor, effective for the wearer and his environment

PRECIMASK - Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally friendly

Materials stable over time for maximum durability generating little waste

PRECIMASK - Aesthetic

Totally transparent area in front of the mouth to maintain the social bond

PRECIMASK - Hygienic and easy to use
Hygienic & easy to use

Easily removable and cleanable filtration system

PRECIMASK - Flexible

removable visor, adjustable and replaceable strap

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