Zero waste face mask, protective & durable

with cleanable & reusable filters
The innovative global solution of technological breakthrough PRECIMASK®
PRECIMASK Masque Zéro Déchet Protecteur Durable- Version AIR
The only durable barrier mask in the world for all public and more with non-disposable 2-way protective filters, generating zero waste designed, produced and assembled 100% in France by a consortium of French manufacturers.
Inventor & designer of the mask
Designer & manufacturer of metallic capsules
Designer & manufacturer of ceramic filters
Manufacturer of silicone parts
While we consume and invest often and daily for goods that we could do without
TO BUY PRECIMASK® IS TO INVEST in the preservation of your most precious personal property: YOUR HEALTH and that of YOUR CHILDREN.
As well as our most precious collective asset: OUR PLANET !
  • 3 GLOBAL PATENTS FILED by major French industrialists specializing in particular in the co-design, co-industrialization and production of industrial solutions with the big names in the aeronautical, automotive, medical sectors, etc. today serving the general public on this solution
  • AERONAUTICAL AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Design and development of the mask shell and its materials were made on the basis of the masks used by the pilots of the Rafale and fighter planes of the Patrouille de France
  • AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY. Particulate filters have been specifically developed by Saint Gobain on the basis of technologies used for many years in the automotive industry
  • A RELIABLE INDUSTRIAL NETWORK OFFERING ALL THE GUARANTEES OF SATISFACTION. You will have no surprises with this network of industrialists which offers all the financial, human, support, production resources in France, quality, logistics, after-sales service, and always R&D to improve ceaselessly and to be force of proposal to seek perfection in the products offered, in the listening and the response of service expected by its customers.
  • OPTIMUM PROTECTION FOR BOTH THE WEARER AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT thanks to its unique patented efficient double-sided filtration system with durable ceramic particles with a filtration level superior to disposable washable fabric masks and equivalent to that of a disposable surgical mask (greater than 95% of 3μm aerosols)
  • MAXIMUM TIGHTNESS TO CONTAMINANT AEROSOLS IN THE AIR with a measured leakage rate of only 2% guaranteeing a tightness of almost 98% much better than washable disposable, disposable surgical and FFP1- FFP2 disposable tissue masks, thanks to its designs, materials biocompatible medical devices perfectly smoothing the shape of the face and its attachment systems.
  • GUARANTEED PROTECTION EVEN IN A WET ENVIRONMENT (in rain, snow, etc.) when water and humidity rapidly degrade the filtration power and therefore the protective effectiveness of the main other masks on the market.
  • PERFECT BIOCOMPATIBILITY OF MATERIALS through the use of medical-grade silicone material made in France, without treatment with products from petrochemicals which is of unknown origin, such as the many masks on the market, guaranteeing additional safety for a product that touches our breathing, the most precious possession we have …
  • SUSTAINABLE HYGIENE, thanks to its washable, disinfectable and regenerable materials over time, unlike most masks on the market, PRECIMASK® offers this incomparable guarantee of use.
  • UNUSUAL BREATHABILITY thanks to its unique patented filtration system, offering the highest breathing capacity of any mask on the market.
  • NO DISCOMFORT ON THE NOSE, most of the general public barrier masks require a piece of material to be stuck directly on the nose and in front of the mouth, sometimes making it difficult to breathe and difficult to wear for very many people. With PRECIMASK® your nose and mouth are free of any material stuck on it.
  • LIGHT & ADAPTABLE, while being a concentrate of high technology and performance, our PRECIMASK® offer excellent lightness on the face with multiple possibilities of adjustable straps.
  • NO FOG ON EYEGLASSES, thanks to its perfect seal, despite natural condensation, spectacle wearers will no longer have the constraint linked to this phenomenon.
PRECIMASK - Solution Eco-responsable Citoyenne
  • THE SUSTAINABLE ZERO WASTE MASK SOLUTION: NO DISPOSABLE CONSUMABLES, while the massive default use of disposable, disposable washable or disposable filter surgical masks is causing an unprecedented global ecological disaster (pollution of land and oceans with few collection solutions, treatment and recycling), PRECIMASK® is the only effective product in the world meeting the dual challenge of protecting the wearer and his environment against all forms of aerosols and bacterial particles while considerably reducing the environmental impact of disposable respiratory protective equipment . All the components of the PRECIMASK® are washable and regenerable in a sustainable way.
  • IT IS NOT THAT RESPONDING TO A REGULATION, by default of effective solutions, but it is the guarantee to really protect yourself well while protecting others and the planet.
    The regulations have accepted for years the use of pesticides in agriculture, while being aware of the health risks, for lack of effective alternative solutions …
    Like this, PRECIMASK® is the effective replacement alternative to protect against aerosols!
  • RELOCATION OF THE LOCAL INDUSTRY, by buying a PRECIMASK® manufactured near your home, you actively participate in job creation in our regions and help reduce the carbon impact of long-distance transport. Are you also an actor in your, our future!
  • CONTRIBUTE TO CREATE JOBS BY ALSO PROMOTING PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL INTEGRATION, in particular on our cleanroom assembly site for our masks, which recruits staff and which makes it possible to accompany a return to employment or training, a large public of job seekers, by enhancing their potential, know-how and interpersonal skills.
  • STORE IT AND REUSE IT WHEN NEEDED. A pandemic that lasts, mutations in variants that must be protected between updates of vaccine formulations, seasonal pathologies such as pollens, allergies, influenza, gastro, … to fight, other new pandemics to come planned by scientists, dust during small DIY jobs at home, a bike ride or jogging under pollution, a trip to a country undergoing a local pandemic or under uncertain hygiene conditions, …: no more need for store masks that expire or buy new disposables when necessary, I just have to take my PRECIMASK® out of its box and pouch provided and I use it while protecting myself without further delay!
  • RESPECT THE CONTINUITY OF BARRIER ACTIONS in the hope that vaccines will provide a solution to the current pandemic in the coming months and that the mutagenic variants will remain under control for the achievement of global herd immunity, the time to enter into a endemic phase of this virus, it is very likely that with the restrictive lifting of strong containment measures, including the reopening of public places and the return to a more normal social life, we still have the constraint to respect for many months essential barrier gestures including wearing a mask … Continue to protect yourself from aerosols in closed places with people around (transport, buildings welcoming the public, stadiums, trade fairs, sports and performance halls, department stores, openspace offices, meeting rooms, unventilated or poorly ventilated workshops, etc.)
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FUTURE POTENTIAL TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTIONS ADAPTABLE TO PRECIMASK® ongoing research on new filter protections: I always keep the base shell of my mask on which I will certainly soon be able to adapt more advanced filters for more sensitive applications or professions, take advantage of connected solutions,… CONTINUOUS RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT TO ALWAYS SERVE YOU THE BEST!
    by purchasing our PRECIMASK® durable high performance technological product, you buy the cost of a guaranteed quality in French production, you invest once and your cost daily use of consumables will drop to $ 0 for many, many years. Is it better to pay for a low-cost disposable razor every day or buy once and for all an electric razor that you will keep for many years?
    No longer need PRECIMASK® for a period of time? You store it in your box and pounch provided and take it out quickly at any time depending on the situation and your use needs. INVEST IN A USER COST OF 0 €* !
    (*) you will nevertheless have an annual cleaning cost estimated at 8.4 €, including the consumption of an oven, for a mask (details of the calculation available on request)
All our customers tell us
to try it is
to adopt it
I find it more comfortable to wear. I breathe better with this mask and the elastic bands don’t pull on my ears. Plus it’s reusable!

Florian, Waiter

I now only work with the PreciMask® Air: it is light, I breathe better and no longer buy masks. In addition it is great for dust and in my job, that counts!

Pierre-Alain J., Tiler

I received one of the masks this morning, I find it really great, I feel much better protected and it’s super comfortable to wear, can’t wait to receive the other 2 so that the whole family is protected 🙂

Betty, individual

Since putting on these masks, honestly, I’m getting better! (…) I am no longer oppressed in the morning when I approach the day with them.

Christophe, male nurse

Hello, I received my PRECIMASK® and started wearing it. I wanted to congratulate you, it is very pleasant to wear and not as impressive on the face as the videos or photos let me think. Nice coincidence, I met another of your customers in the subway. What a pleasure not to have to throw away your mask when you get home…

Lucie, individual

Where and when to use the PRECIMASK®?

HYBRID MASK whose design and technology have been designed for versatility of use on various professional applications too: with the possibility of changing regenerable filters.

Why precimask was developed?

Respond initially to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but also to those to come. PRECIMASK® is a solution that stands out completely from the others by the complementarity of its uses.

PRECIMASK® is high performance, durable barrier mask that meet a dual challenge : Protect the wearer and his environment against all forms of aerosols and bacterial particles while reducing the environmental impact of disposable respiratory protective equipments.

CO2 consumption

a single tree can absorb the equivalent of the carbon footprint of cleaning 900 masks annually
PRECIMASK - Economie
available in AIR® version – More compact and comfortable
From 49€ TTC
Filters greater than 95% of 3µm aerosols and more
Ceramic filters developed by SAINT-GOBAIN, unique & patented technology
6 shades of cartridges available
PRECIMASK - Colorless Cartridges
PRECIMASK - Blue Cartridges
PRECIMASK - Green Cartridges
PRECIMASK - red Cartridges
PRECIMASK - Amber Cartridges
PRECIMASK - Golden yellow Cartridges
Golden yellow
Filters greater than 95% of 3 µm aerosols and more
Ceramic filters developed by SAINT-GOBAIN, unique & patented technology
Fully cleanable and reusable
Shelf life > 40 years in adapted storage conditions
Fully cleanable and reusable
Shelf life > 40 years in adapted storage conditions
PRECIMASK - Filtration Level
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