Zero Waste Face Mask, Protective & Durable
PRECIMASK - Version Air et cartouches filtrantes
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49,00  VAT Incl.*
Set of 2 Filter cartridges
39,00  VAT Incl.*
Set of 2 Filter cartridges
39,00  VAT Incl.*
100% silicone wide strap
7,00  VAT Incl.*
PRECIMASK® Air silicone shell
16,00  VAT Incl.*
Strap “Stop Cordon”
7,00  VAT Incl.*
PRECIMASK - Accessories
As the PRECIMASK® are particularly airtight, condensation forms inside the masks, causing the silicone to fog and droplets to appear inside them.
These droplets are collected in a cavity inside the masks, and do not avoidedt he wearer in any way. Condensation is a natural phenomenon that cannot be prevented and you just need to wipe the masks regularly.

Durable face mask

the only durable mask cleanable without waste & no purchase of consumable
PRECIMASK - Unique and patented filtration technology

Unique and patented filtration technology

A unique patented ceramic-based filtration system providing filtration efficiency equivalent to surgical mask (higher than 95% for 3 μm aerosols) along with high breathability level. No more filter replacement as the ceramic filter is durable and can be cleaned.

PRECIMASK - Medical grade silicone

medical grade silicone

PRECIMASK® is made of a silicone that is flexible, translucent, light and biocompatible, which gives it a reinforced seal and optimal comfort.

PRECIMASK - Eco-friendly and durable mask

eco-friendly and durable mask

The materials used for the design construction of PRECIMASK® have been specially selected for their great high stability over time to provide optimal durability. These materials are also very easy to clean, fully reusable and generate a minimum of waste since no additional consumables are required.

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